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Why JumpSport Fitness Trampolines are the best

From balance training to high-intensity intervals, discover why bouncing on a Fitness Trampoline is right for you.

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Trampoline Basics Workout

Burn With Kearns - MMA Trainer

Burn With Kearns - MMA Trainer


Circuit Training for Strength Workout

Total Body Workout

Total Body Workout

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Fitness trampoline workouts burn the recommended calories of ACSM standard in 2/3rds the time while perceived to be 10% less strenuous than equivalent running—proven by at study conducted by the American Council on Exercise (ACE).✝ Now, that was a mouthful! In other words, get a 30 min. workout in only 20 mins. and feel less strained while doing it—that’s good for all ages!

Top 5 Benefits of Rebounding

Weight Loss
Lymphatic System
Balance & Mental Health
Keep Your Body Young

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  • Love this thing!

    Before I made the 'jump' to purchase my JumpSport rebounder, I was using a $40 one I found at a local retail sporting goods store. I could not believe the difference in my work-out. The JumpSport is so solid and smooth and FUN! Such a great investment for my health. I actually look forward to my workouts, and I highly recommend.

    Tiffany M

  • An excellent investment!!!

    The ordering process was fast and easy. So was shipping! We are all crazy for this trampoline, myself especially. Our daughters, 3 1/2 and 15 months old, love it. Everyone can bounce at their own level. I have used it nearly every day since it has arrived. If you are wondering if it is worth it, do some research. The positive effects of rebounding are numerous and astonishing! Weight lifters, hear this: one study found that when one bounced for 30 seconds between sets, they had 25% more gains after 12 weeks than the control group. TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT!!! I could sell these trampolines to anyone, I swear—I love ours and the health benefits make the price justifiable. I wish I could buy one for everyone I know! Thanks for producing a top quality, quiet, ideal product!

    Lucy C.

  • Outstanding Mini Trampoline

    Have researched and used many mini trampolines and rebounders, and I have found the JumpSport product to be the best. My son uses it everyday in our living room to burn off energy. I use it for recovery and lymphatic health. I had my JumpSport trampoline for 6 years and just now replaced the elastic cords with new ones, and it is just like brand new.

    Michael G.

  • Great product

    I bought the JumpSport Model 350 Fitness Trampoline to keep my fitness low-impact. After 25 years of running and a few years of jumping rope, my body needed a change but without sacrificing the challenge of maintaining a high level of fitness. The Model 350 is the perfect cross-training tool that compliments my mountain biking endeavors. I particularly like that the cords are adjustable (I like a quick rebound to keep things fast-paced), plus my apartment neighbors aren't bothered by the activity because it's very quiet and doesn't shake the floor. Haven't needed any customer service or other interaction with the company yet, but I can definitely recommend the product as a high-quality piece of equipment.