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JumpSport Donation Programs

Your purchase can make a difference! JumpSport, Inc. helps kids stay active and learn more. Learn more about each of our donations for kids programs: Wurfie4Kids, 1For1ForSchools, and our involvement with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.



With each purchase of a JumpSport Trampoline, JumpSport Fitness Trampoline, JumpSport Fitness PlyoFit Adaptor, Wurf Board, or medium/large Wurfie on, or by phone, we donate one small Wurfie to our Wurfie4Kids Program where schools can request Wurfies from this donation pool. Learn more at


(coming soon)
Buy one for yourself, give one to a school: when you purchase a qualifying product directly from or, you have the opportunity to make a tax deductible donation to a school of your choice at no extra cost.

How do I participate in 1For1ForSchools?

  1. On any qualifying product page, check the box that says you would like to participate.

  2. Add the product that you would like to purchase for yourself to the cart and the corresponding donation product will be added at the same time. Your order total won’t change, but the price will be the reduced price of your item plus the cost of the donated item.

  3. Upon order completion, you will be asked to designate what school you would like to donate to.

  4. We will contact the school and provide them with a certificate for the product you donated. The school can choose to redeem the certificate or auction it off.

  5. If you opt into this program but aren’t able to provide us with a designated school within 30 days, don’t worry, your donation will go to a local charity here in the Bay Area of California where we’re located.

Additional information: The recipient will need to cover shipping costs. You will receive confirmation that the school accepted your donation and you can coordinate with them on any tax documentation you need.

Questions? Please email us at

Donation levels and qualifying products

Choose a qualifying product from any one of the donation levels to help get kids moving!

Small Wurfie Donation ($29 value)

  • SkyBounce Trampoline Systems
  • SkyBounce ES Trampoline Systems
  • SkyBounce XPS Trampoline Systems
  • SoftBounce Trampoline Systems
  • 200 & 300 Series Fitness Trampolines
  • PlyoFit Adapter (any size)

Medium Wurfie Donation ($59 value)

  • StagedBounce Trampoline Systems
  • PRO Series Fitness Trampolines
  • Wurf Board Santa Cruz (any size)

Large Wurfie Donation ($99 value)

  • Elite Trampoline Systems
  • Wurf Board Maui

Model 220 Fitness Trampoline Donation ($229 value)

  • AlleyOOP VariableBounce Trampoline Systems
  • AlleyOOP PowerBounce Trampoline Systems

SkyBounce 14 ft XPS Trampoline System Donation($549 value)

  • AlleyOOP DoubleBounce Trampoline Systems
  • AlleyOOP DoubleBounce PowerBounce Trampoline Systems
  • AlleyOOP 10 × 17 Trampoline Systems